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About us

We are an ancient two-storey farmhouse finely restored according to its original style, in the district of Lecce. For our guests we have three rooms, carefully furnished in "arte povera" style (it is a plain but elegant Italian style); three of them are double rooms and the other is for two/three persons; they are all equipped with Tv, air conditioning and refrigerator. Each has its own bathroom with shower. As a setting for them we have the orchard, the wonderful countryside of Salento and the old town centre of Specchia. The family offers a comfortable and informal environment. A private parking is available.

BorgoSolare farmhouse is 8 Km away from the Adriatic Sea and 15 km away from the Ionian Sea; at a distance of only 200 m it is worthwhile the visit of the ancient district of the borough of Specchia, elected as one of the most beautiful ancient district of Italy; there are only two Salentine boroughs which can boast this honour: Specchia and Otranto. Moreover, BorgoSolare farmhouse is in the middle of an ideal triangle created by Gallipoli, Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca (from which the farmhouse is respectively at a distance of 30 Km, 30 Km and 20Km). The town of Lecce, where you can admire a very particular Baroque (Barocco leccese) is easy to reach by car (only 50 Km).

Therefore BorgoSolare farmhouse is a very good starting point for the discovery of Salento and of its countless historical, artistic and landscape wonders.

For further information about the Borough of Specchia visit the website:

Churches and monuments in Specchia:

At a few minutes from BorgoSolare Farmhouse you will be able to see the most beautiful places of salento:


The first information about BorgoSolare Farmhouse date back to the beginning of XIX century; at that time it was a farmer house expanding its lands and productions over most of the fertile neighbouring lands until '70s; its plentiful farm production ranges from wine to cereals and tobacco, which had been largely grown in Salentine Peninsula till 20 years ago.

The little outbuilding (now the hall of BorgoSolare) was used as a warehouse for the dried tobacco, and outside there was a small wooden cottage coated with plastic and used as "natural stove" (to take advantage of the sun) for the drying of tobacco leaves before sending them to the manufacture.

The halls on the ground floor were used to accommodate the farmers and the owners MARTINO and COSIMA ...

Today there are only the outer walls and some inner parts of the "old" BorgoSolare Farmhouse due to the several restorations which have taken place for years until the last one, of these days, which changed the farmhouse into a pleasant resort with all comforts.