FAQ & Utilities

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Where are you?

We are in Apulia, in the Borough of Specchia, in the district of Lecce, in the heart of Salentine Peninsula, at a few km from the sea and from resorts like Santa Maria di Leuca, Gallipoli and Otranto. VentoSolare Farmhouse is in the country but at only 200 m away from Specchia, a village plunged into one of the Salentine hill, grown around an ancient castle.

If i need a doctor, a chemist’s?

The doctor, seven days a week, and the chemist’s are in Specchia, only 5 minutes away.

Are you in the vicinity of heavy traffic roads, motorways, railways, airports, blacksmith shops, dumps or thermo-nuclear power plants?

We would have moved a long time ago !!!

Is it possible to smoke in the rooms?

Definitely not, out of respect for next guests and above all it is better to smoke in the open air.

What do your previous guests think about you?

We have recently created a Guest Book available for our guests. We decided to tear off all the pages containing adverse criticism leaving only highly satisfied opinions. At the moment the above mentioned book still has all its pages!!!!!!

What is your price list?

Are the referred pricec all-inclusive or are there “hidden” costs?

The referred prices are ALL-INCLUSIVE, with the exception of sea towel and suntan lotion. You have to buy your own!!!

Should I take my own sheet?

Come on, we have just said that the prices are ALL-INCLUSIVE!!

Should I take my own towels?

Definitely not.

I heard of cheasts on the internet. How can I be sure that you are what you state to be?

We are earnest people. Come and visit us; you will check directly!!!

Do you rent rooms or flats?

We only rent rooms. And each room is equipped with satellite TV, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, refrigerator. Each room is TIDY, COMFORTABLE, LARGE and PLEASANT and it is finely furnished in “arte povera” style (it is a plain but elegant Italian style).

Is there the heating system?

There is a heating system in every room (including the hall). Yes, there is also hot water. Moreover, for the ones who feel the cold very much there is a wonderful fireplace in the hall… for the winter period!!!

Are there private bathrooms?

Yes, one in each room.

Is there a hair-dryer in the bathroom?

Yes, one for each.

Is it possible to rent a room for just one night? And for a week-end?

Of course it is possible to rent a room for just one night or for a weekend, with the only exception for the period from 01/07 till 31/08.

We are a group of persons. Can you accomodate the all of us?

Yes, on condition that you do not want to sleep all in the same room.

I made a reservation by you but: my girl-friend left me/i have an unforeseen examination exactly in that period/my children decided to spend their holidays in Rimini/my husband inexplicably decided to go to Cuba ... What happens now?

Nothing. If you give notice within 60 days from the period of your reservation we refund your deposit in full. If you give notice 30 days in advance, we refund you 50% of your deposit. After this period we keep the deposit you paid (20% of the total price).

How far is it from the sea?

It is only 18 Km away from the Ionian Sea, it takes 20 minutes by car; and 10 Km from the Adriatic Sea and to get there it takes 10 minutes by car. And you have a large selection of beaches (sandy beaches on the Ionian Sea and rocks on the Adriatic Sea). Within the day you can reach Otranto, Gallipoli or Santa Maria di Leuca, enjoy there your time, and then come back.

Is there a swimming-pool in the neighbourhood?

Yes, about 20 meters from your room

Are there restaurants in the neighbourhood?

There are a lot of inns, high-quality restaurants and pizzeria. They are all within 5 to 10 minutes on foot; you simply have a nice walk in the old town to get there. And at the moment of the bill you’ll have a special treatment as our guest.

How far is it from shops?

There is a small supermarket at 10 minutes on foot; the same for the chemist’s, the baker’s, the greengrocer’s, the newsstand, the bar…

Is it possible to cook in the rooms?

No, but the kitchen is available to the guests to prepare simple meals.

Is there a garden?

Around the farmhouse there are our lands where you can freely walk. For your comfort and to prevent you from getting lost, we arranged an area near the rooms with deck-chairs, chairs, tables and beach umbrellas so that you will not get tired from strolling aimlessly.

Is it possible to have walks around or to go on excursions?

Yes, everywhere. In the lands under cultivation, on condition that you do not tread upon the harvest.

There is no more place on top of my car; can you lend me a couple of mountain-bikes?

Yes, of course. For FREE.